PANCAKES IN ONE CUP: The perfect fluffy pancake in 4 easy steps

PANCAKES IN ONE CUP: The perfect fluffy pancake in 4 easy steps

The perfect pancake can be difficult to execute, but it really need not be. Follow our recipe, inspired by the one and only Jamie Oliver, to make beautiful and fluffy pancakes in minutes!

1.Self- raising flour

Take your self-raising flour and fill your cup to the top. (The size of the cup doesn’t really matter). Brush your hand across the top, removing any excess flour, so that it is exactly one cup of flour.

Put your cup of flour into a bowl.

2. Milk

Do the same. Fill the same cup with milk and add it to the bowl with the flour.

Add a pinch of salt and an egg to the bowl.

3. Whisk

Whisk until mixed well. Easy.

4. Pan

Add a bit of butter to a pan – Kerrygold, of course, on medium heat, allow it to melt and wait five seconds once melted. Then with a spoon, add scoops of the mixture to the pan.

Once golden and beautiful on the bottom, turn the pancake and keep an eye on it to prevent it from burning. Turn the heat down if necessary.

Agus sin é – Galway Daily’s homemade pancakes!


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