McDonald’s selling breakfast pancakes all day today

Galway Daily life & style McDonald's selling pancakes all day

Today is a very special day, that most celebrated of holidays dedicated to the delicious breakfast food: Pancakes.

And while for many people Pancake Tuesday means cranking out stack after stack of pancakes in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, some people don’t have the time for that.

McDonald’s is stepping up for those unfortunate sufferers by making their menu’s pancake option available all day today.

The rest of the breakfast menu will end at 11am today as usual, but people will be able to pick up a pancake throughout the day.

This extends to all 95 McDonald’s outlets in Ireland, including their branches across Galway.

Until midnight tonight, people can pick up three pancakes with optional syrup for the price of €3.40 to join in the delicious holiday cheer.